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baby-c0me-on asked: hey, my living room is incredibly small, is just the space to the sofa and the TV. Do you have any ideas for me? thanks! xx

wall decor and storage could spice the place up a bit. floating wall shelves, curtains, hanging plants.. that sort of thing. I feel you on small living spaces man! 


woah thanks!

pipcudi asked: Forgive me for reblogging everything on here. It's all so gorgeous I can't help myself. Excellent blog btw

you are forgiven :P

I have something super original, fresh ‘n’ funky for ya! FUCK YEAH!!

Hey hey,

I know you’re probably super busy, with a kick ass site like this, so I’ll stay on point…

I’m a homebrew designer, artist and lamp maker… and I’m currently funding a project on Kickstarter I think you’d be interested in checking out!

I’m a STAFF PICK in Design, and will be featured on DJ Grandpa’s crowdfunding podcast Monday April 21st at 9:30pm EST!! http://www.djgrandpa.com/

I’ve created five exclusive and original models of funky cool, colorful and retro, mod lamps for this project. They feature rock solid aluminum construction, gloriously exposed bulbs and old-school TACTILE switches up front and center! My goal isn’t just to light the room, but to spark your mood… all by providing a perfect drop of light, whether you want color or that sweet old amber glow of Victorian era bulbs… and they’re low watt too! Swanky and cost-effective??? You know it!

My goal for myself, with this project, is to raise a modest amount of money (after cost of producing and shipping the rewards) so I can get some awesome new tools to make even COOLER lamps! LEDs, drum cymbals, wooden flowers… you name it, I’ll create it or recreate it and put a socket in it! Just a humble hobbyist tryin to go pro ya know…

I appreciate your time, and I’m mainly trying to share my lamps, my LOVE, with as many interested and interesting people as I can, but if you’d like to share a link on your site… or anywhere else…



With purpose,

Artist & Gentleman
Creative Entrepreneur/Owner
Twitter: @RustyLamps
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/469552906/empower-your-nights-with-rusty-lamps

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